Arena Pub & Restaurant, Sanur, Bali


July 12, 2013 by Sharon Loh

Whether it’s a special occasion or just a Saturday night, for many people including me, dining out is one of life’s great pleasures. So, when it comes to weekend, I always look for somewhere new for dining out. Well, not always. And the place is not always going to be a new one. But anyway…

Last Saturday, Fred & I were running out of energy since we spent the whole day snorkeling in Blue Lagoon Beach. But that was a fun day (for me)! And then at night, we craved for something meaty and salty. Something that will fill our stomach out. Then we found this place named Arena Pub & Restaurant from foursquare. And TripAdvisor too. I’ve got to say, foursquare has been helping us out a lot! And it has never been wrong, you know. If the restaurant listed in it got a high rating, that’s because it serves good food. But only if you can eat any kind of food. We once headed to Babi Guling Candra because it got a high rating at foursquare. I pretty much enjoy the food they serve. I mean, it’s looks weird for me, but come on, it’s Bali’s most famous traditional dishes. It must be good! And I was right. It’s edible… and… tasty.. and savory. But Fred can’t even stand looking at it for like 10 seconds. He kept quite struggling to finish his meal. So…. anyway,

Arena Pub and Restaurant Interior

Arena Pub and Restaurant

Funny Sign

Arena Pub & Restaurant turns out to be one of the best American restaurant we’ve ever dined out to. Well, probably our first one too. But still the best one among other non-american restaurant. What did I just say anyway?

So, about the food…

Fred had Spareribs Boneless, which is a grilled stripes of pork loin covered with American BBQ sauce, served with french fries & vegetables. But you can choose mashed potato & salad instead. Or french fries and salad. Or mashed potato and vegetable.

Gosh I’m becoming so annoying today.

Boneless Pork SteakAnd I had a plate of Fettucine Carbonara. It was served with salads (but it’s only some lettuce and the dressing. Nothing fancy) and also a slice of white bread. And it tasted like…… the best!

Fettucine CarbonaraFresh SaladWhite BreadAnd… There’s no way people go to a pub without having beer, I guess.

Makes everyone happy.

Bintang Beer Calsberg BeerWe also order a slice of chocolate tiramisu cake. I saw how Fred love it soooo much. I guess he’s gonna have another slice.

I didn’t know why I bring my Minion toy I got from Mcdonald’s Happy Meal. But I guess I’ll start taking this yellow banana picture along with my food from now on. They just seems to… suit each other very well, don’t you think?

Chocolate Tiramisu Cake

Please watch your drool, guys…

Well, I’m pretty sure that there’s no way we’re not coming back to this place before we went back to our town. Next week perhaps? So… I guess that explains pretty much everything ;)

Ciao! Happy weekend!

*update on 31th July 2013 : 

We did come back! Yay! This time, we had another kind of steak which is also very great.

Pork Steak "Holzfaller"

Pork Steak “Holzfaller” with sauteed mushroom and creamy fettucine

Steak & Onion Pan Roast "Zwiebelrost Braten"

Steak & Onion Pan Roast “Zwiebelrost Braten”

Pommes Frittes Arena Pub Bali

Pommes Frittes – Shoestring Fries


Jalan By Pass Ngurah Rai 115, Sanur, Denpasar, Bali


Spareribs Boneless around Rp 80.000 or so.
Steak & Onion Pan Roast “Zwiebelrost Braten” around Rp 80.000 or so
Pork Steak “Holzfaller” around Rp 80.000 or so
Fettucine Carbonara around RP 67.000 or so.
Tiramisu Cake around Rp 25.000 or so
Bintang Draft Beer 300ml : Rp 19.000
Carlsberg Beer 330ml : Rp 22.000

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16 thoughts on “Arena Pub & Restaurant, Sanur, Bali

  1. Nice shot! Tapi kenapa ada Minion di gambar terakhir? Jadi salah fokus deh hehe…

  2. says:

    I love what you guys are up too. Such clever work and coverage!
    Keep up the terrific works guys I’ve you guys to my blogroll.

  3. windapontoh says:

    “No way people go to pub without having beer.”
    Setuju deh sama kamu, hihihi ;-)
    Bahkan kalo aku sih “no way I travel to somewhere without having beer.” :lol: :lol:

  4. Sabrina says:

    I love the picture of the minion and the tiramusu. I think you should keep taking photos like that

    • Sharon Loh says:

      They looks adorable together, aren’t they? Yeay! I thought the same thing too. I bring my minion to every restaurant I dine to. But unfortunately, I always forget to take my minion out of my backpack, so…..

  5. Bayu Amus says:

    Arguably Arena the best place in Bali to taste quality steaks with affordable prices. Do let me know though should you find something better :)

    • Sharon Loh says:

      Really? Haha it turns out that I loveeeee Arena’s steak. Any suggestion where to find a better one? Would love to try!

      • Bayu Amus says:

        Steak wise? I like the Sterling beef in Slippery Stone at Batu Belig, while the Australian Wagyu at The Stones Hotel Kuta is simply superb, but both costs definitely higher than Arena :)

  6. Messa says:

    Waah ada temennya si Dave Minion disitu :D

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