De Ranch, Lembang, Indonesia


October 30, 2012 by Sharon Loh

In October 2012, my friend and I went to a local ranch located in Lembang, Indonesia. It was approximately 1 hour car-driving from Bandung.

What makes me so excited is that this is actually my first time going to a ranch! And what do you think of when you heard the term ‘ranch’? A horse, of course! I was like : “Yaaay I’m going to ride a horse! A real horse!”. To tell the truth, I’ve never ridden a horse before. I rode an elephant before in Pattaya, Thailand, but, you know, elephant walks so damn slowly and I knew it from the beginning that riding a horse might be completely different. Well, may be not when you’re accompanied by the ‘horse man’. They will make sure we ride our horse safely.

This is such a once-in-a-lifetime experience for me. Okay, maybe I overreact. But I’m a girl, okay. So that’s normal..

Here, You’ve got to pay IDR 5.000 for the admission. And then if you want to take a horse riding tour, you’ll need to buy another ticket for IDR 15.000 (adult). I don’t know if they have a special price for kids or not. I was too excited that I didn’t care about it that time.

Right after you purchase the horse riding ticket, you’ll be able to get yourself dressed like a cowboy! Okay, I’m a cowgirl then. They’ll lend the costume for free but they only have a limited amount of costume. So make sure you got yours. Just pick anything available before someone else did.


Sharon as Cow Girl


Cow Girl

The Ranch

De Ranch

The view here is so beautiful. I mean it. You see the mountain behind those trees? Yes, Lembang is a highland so it’s pretty cold here. Except that you come here at 12 am when the sun is way too bright that it can blind your eyes, like I did.

But still, visiting a ranch is something you should do once in a lifetime. It’s like, the atmosphere, the view, the… everything is just so different with the place I live in. It’s  a cool spot you can hit for a quick and refreshing getaway.

De Ranch View

De Ranch View


A Lodging in the Middle of the Ranch

I had a great time riding a horse. Too bad I didn’t ask anyone to take a shot.

Gold Mining

Gold Mining Area, for kids only

De Ranch Indiana Man


What are you doing here, cow?

Anyway, you can also exchange your admission with one cup of pure milk for free! Or you can exchange 2 ticket for a cup of yogurt. I guess that’s what that cow is for…

De Ranch ATV

We also rode an ATV (All-Terrain-Vehicle). And obviously, this is also my first time. I was lucky I didn’t get myself covered in mud, or got thrown away from the car. I did pretty well, though.

Sharon Loh


I believe some moments are made to be remembered. Because that moments may not occur twice. This is one of mine. The sun, the breeze, the people, and the laughter are just so real and… memorable. I’m a lucky, happy girl.


Official Website :

Operational Hours :

Weekday (except Monday)  09.00 – 17.00

Weekend and holiday         08.00 – 18.00

Location :

Jln. Maribaya no. 17, Lembang – Bandung
Phone number : (022) 708-40-661 , (022) 278-5865

One thought on “De Ranch, Lembang, Indonesia

  1. […] De Ranch is probably the only ranch you could find here in Bandung. (Or it could be the only popular open-for-public ranch). It’s actually located in Lembang – the North side of Bandung, about 1 hour drive from the city if the traffic’s okay. […]

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